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FARMER Geoffrey

Yasmin Nurming-Por_Geoffrey Farmer_Canadian Art_19 December 2018.pdf

2018/12/19 700.27 KB
FARMER Geoffrey

Caoimhe Morgan-Feir_How One Artist Is Redefining the Exhibition Space_The Walrus_1 February 2018.pdf

2018/02/01 619.42 KB
FARMER Geoffrey

Geoffrey Farmer_Escaping a Method_Beautiful world, where are you?_Art Books_2018.pdf

2018/01/01 1.8 MB
FARMER Geoffrey Andrew Witt_A Shattered Mirror: Geoffrey Farmer's Disobedient Object In Venice_Momus_16 August 2017.pdf 2017/08/16 5.39 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Robert Enright and Meeka Walsh_The Multitudinous See-An Interview with Geoffrey Farmer_Border Crossings_Issue 141_March 2017.pdf

2017/01/01 10.25 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Rosie Prata_Geoffrey Farmer in Venice-A First Look_Canadian Art_10 May 2017.pdf

2017/05/10 405.92 KB
FARMER Geoffrey

Craig Burnett_Only Connect_ArtReview_May 2017.pdf

2017/05/01 1.74 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Claudia Bodin_Blick zurück nach vorn_Art Magazin_May 2017.pdf

2017/05/01 4.05 MB
FARMER Geoffrey Lorenzo Benedetti_Geoffrey Farmer-Canadian Pavilion Venice Biennale_Mousse_Issue #58_April-May 2017.pdf 2017/04/01 4.58 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Rob Stone_Geoffrey Farmer's The Big Kitchen_Art Agenda_14 Feb 2017.pdf

2017/02/14 1.96 MB
FARMER Geoffrey ​Geoffrey Farmer and Dora Garcia_Nobody Is Sleeping In The Sky_Mousse Contemporary Art Magazine_Issue #54_Summer 2016​.pdf 2016/06/01 4.16 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Mark Clintberg and Jon Davies_Haunted by Queer Affect- Geoffrey Farmer’s The Intellection of Lady Spider House and Allyson Mitchell’s Killjoy’s Kastle_Journal of Curatorial Studies_February 2016.pdf

2016/02/01 3.09 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Kyra Kordoski_Geoffrey Farmer_Magenta Magazine_Review_September 2015.pdf

2015/09/01 68.21 KB
FARMER Geoffrey Peter Zimonjic_Making the Personal Universal-Geoffrey Farmer at the Vancouver Art Gallery_National Gallery of Canada_11 June 2015.pdf 2015/06/11 2.72 MB
FARMER Geoffrey Amy Luo_Salvage Economy_Canadian Art_Summer 2015.pdf 2015/06/01 963.35 KB
FARMER Geoffrey

Murray Whyte_Geoffrey Farmer on Henry Moore-All That Is Solid Melts Into Air_Toronto Star_7 July 2014.pdf

2014/07/07 2.32 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Rosemary Heather_An Interview on Leaves of Grass_Canadian Art_30 August 2012.pdf

2012/08/30 146.26 KB
FARMER Geoffrey Monika Szewczyk_Characters and Characteristics of the Work_Mousse Contemporary Art Magazine_ Issue #30_October-November 2011.pdf 2011/10/01 2.54 MB
FARMER Geoffrey Kirsten Swenson_Geoffrey Farmer_Art In America_Reviews_25 June 2011.pdf 2011/06/25 2.04 MB
FARMER Geoffrey Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer_Geoffrey Farmer_Artforum_Summer 2011.pdf 2011/06/01 516.56 KB
FARMER Geoffrey Roberta Smith_Geoffrey Farmer_The New York Times_10 March 2011.pdf 2011/03/10 506.2 KB
FARMER Geoffrey

Geoffrey Farmer_How I found out Jesus was a mushroom_Pyramid Power 07_2010.pdf

2010/04/01 2.24 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Nicolas Brown_Geoffrey Farmer Gareth Moore_Cmagazine_no 99_2008.pdf

2008/09/01 2.15 MB
FARMER Geoffrey Dan Adler_Geoffrey Farmer_Artforum_September 2008.pdf 2008/09/01 1.38 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Katherine Boove_Geoffrey Farmer-Montreal_Art Papers_July-August 2008.pdf

2008/07/01 1.02 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Gregory Burke and Christine Davis_When the Wheel Turns, Why Does a Pot Emerge_Public 38_2008.pdf

2008/01/01 5.3 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Monika Szewcyk_Changes in the Work of Geoffrey Farmer_CJ Press_2008.pdf

2008/01/01 3.43 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Diedrich Diederichsen_Time Lost in Flight Regained_Geoffrey Farmer_Witte de With_2008.pdf

2008/01/01 2.65 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Vanessa Desclaux_To Fabulate is to Fabricate Giants_Geoffrey Farmer_Witte de With_2008.pdf

2008/01/01 2.46 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Thiery Davila_From Memory_Geoffrey Farmer_Witte de With_2008.pdf

2008/01/01 6.95 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Jessica Morgan_Definition of a Farmer_MAC Montreal_2008.pdf

2008/01/01 1.51 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Marc Mayer_Forward_MAC Montreal_2008.pdf

2008/01/01 714.73 KB
FARMER Geoffrey

Pierre Landry_Where's Geoffrey_MAC Montreal_2008.pdf

2008/01/01 2.2 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Scott Watson_Ghost Face_Geoffrey Farmer_MAC Montreal_2008.pdf

2008/01/01 2.7 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Colleen Brown_There is a horizon_Fillip_Spring 2007.pdf

2007/04/01 1.02 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Andrew Bonacine_Entrepreneur alone returning back to sculptural form_UOVO_13 2007.pdf

2007/01/01 9.05 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Rachel Taylor_Geoffrey Farmer-The World as a Stage_Tate Modern_2007.pdf

2007/01/01 1.62 MB
FARMER Geoffrey Jessica Morgan_Geoffrey Farmer_Artforum_2006.pdf 2006/01/01 583.36 KB
FARMER Geoffrey

Richard Fowler_A Lawyer Steps Into Room 302_Artspeak_2005.pdf

2005/11/21 659.51 KB
FARMER Geoffrey

Clint Burnham_A body of work that somehow makes us forget it's art at all_The Vancouver Sun_5 Nov 2005.pdf

2005/11/05 3.05 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Geoffrey Farmer_Letter of Apology_CAG_2003.pdf

2003/01/01 538.26 KB
FARMER Geoffrey

Peter Culley_The Mnemosyne Atlas of Geoffrey Farmer_CAG_2003.pdf

2003/01/01 3.68 MB
FARMER Geoffrey

Reid Shier_Everything Counts_CAG_2003.pdf

2003/01/01 5.39 MB