Raymond Boisjoly, Julia Feyrer, Christine Sun Kim, Duane Linklater, Elizabeth McIntosh, Stephen Murray, Kevin Schmidt
Unexplained Parade, Part Four
February 9–May 11, 2019

From my understanding, a lullaby is either a soothing or educational song meant to lull a baby to sleep. I’ve always thought a lullaby was full of fun rhymes, onomatopoeic words, nature sounds, and/or simple repetitions. When I bought a video monitor for my baby Roux, I saw that it had several popular lullabies I can choose from in order to help my child to fall asleep.

The idea of playing songs for my child that I am not familiar with gave me a feeling of unease, so I factored them out of the sound diet. Since I intend to be mindful of what my baby grows up listening to, I have invited my parent friends to make lullabies for Roux based on a conceptual score I’ve developed. It is worth noting that some of these friends very recently became parents; given this, they have produced their respective lullabies to the best of their abilities within the baby circumstances.

The score instructions I provided to parents read as follows:

  • · Length can be as short or as long as you like.
  • · No lyrics, no speech.
  • · A greater emphasis should be placed on low frequencies.
  • · Will be played on repeat at normal or low volume.
  • · Will be used to encourage my baby to sleep between 19:00 and 20:00.
  • · Write a short description of your lullaby.

—Christine Sun Kim, 2018

Unexplained Parade is the inaugural exhibition of Catriona Jeffries at 950 East Cordova in Vancouver, Canada. As the exhibition progresses, the work of more than forty-two artists will appear and disappear, scheduled and unscheduled, at numerous locations. We invite you to consider these works and each new arrangement as we share how the exhibition progresses.

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