Liz Magor, Jerry Pethick, Ron Tran
A view believed to be yours
May 15–June 27, 2015

If I was an architect
And I am
I would live in an ant-hill
A crystal
On a flat black desert
In gold lame tyres
If I was an artist
And I am I would concern myself
I would make
Nothing but the buzzing of wings
And the spilling of air

Jerry Pethick, Le Dot/Transition in Progress, 1986:

If you take this fish tank and you imagine your mother when you were seven, peeling potatoes in that space or what you saw that fits into that space. Or the village in the creek bank you worked on at your grand-father’s, either telescoped or shrunk to get the correct spatial view that was believed to have been your own vision and perspective. Your delirious dream of magnetic needles that are endlessly flowing in a looping motion, falling end over end from top to bottom of an Eiffel like tower, repetitious and monotonous, until you frantically try to alter the structure to impede the rhythm…

Documentation by SITE Photography.