Rochelle Goldberg – Publications

Cannibal Actif

Texts by Rochelle Goldberg, Frances Perkins, and Leah Pires
Edited by Frances Perkins and Katherine Pickard
Published by Sequence Press, New York, USA; Totem Press, New York, USA
Hardcover, 188 pages, English, 2017
ISBN 978 0 9975674 5 8

No Where, Now Here

Texts by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Flora Katz, Ruba Katrib, Jane Panetta, Piper Marshall, Rochelle Goldberg, conversation between Leah Pires and Sara Constantino
Edited by Sara Fumagalli and Stefano Raimondi
Published by GAMeC Books, Bergamo, Italy
Softcover, 226 pages, English/Italian, 2017
ISBN 978 88 98872 23 7

The Plastic Thirsty

Text by Ruba Katrib
Published by SculptureCenter, Long Island City, USA
Softcover, 24 pages, English, 2016
ISBN 978 0 9972811 0 1

Descartes’ Daughter

Texts by Melanie Gilligan, Jenny Jaskey, Fionn Meade, Kari Rittenbach
Edited by Piper Marshall
Published by Swiss Institute Contemporary Art, New York, USA; Sternberg Press, Berlin, Germany
Softcover, 112 pages, English, 2014
ISBN 978 3 95679 042 3