Liz Magor – Publications

Subject to Change: Writings and Interviews

Texts by Liz Magor and Philip Monk
Published by Concordia University Press, Montreal, Canada
Softcover, 290 pages pages, English, 2022
ISBN 9781988111339

Liz Magor: BLOWOUT

Texts by Dan Byers, Solveig Øvstebø, Sheila Heti, Mitch Speed
Published by Carpenter Center for the Arts, Cambridge, USA; The Renaissance Society, Chicago, USA
Hardcover, 136 pages, English, 2019
ISBN 978 0 941548 78 6

Liz Magor

Texts by Dan Adler, Lesley Johnstone, Liz Magor, Heike Munder, Bettina Steinbrügge
Published by Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, Montreal, Canada; Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zürich, Switzerland; Kunstverein in Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Hardcover, 263 pages, French/English, 2016
ISBN 978 2 552 25829 1

The Blue One Comes in Black

Texts by Céline Kopp, Liz Magor, Lisa Robertson, Jan Verwoert
Published by Triangle France, Marseilles, France; Mousse Publishing, Milan, Italy
Softcover, 168 pages, English/French, 2015
ISBN 978 88 6749 170 4

Liz Magor: The Mouth and Other Storage Facilities

Texts by Sara Krajewski and Bill Jeffries
Published by The Henry Gallery Association, Seattle, USA; Simon Fraser University Gallery, Burnaby, Canada
Softcover, 64 pages, English, 2008
ISBN 0 935558 47 0

Liz Magor

Texts by Grant Arnold, Philip Monk, The Office for Soft Architecture and Shepherd Steiner
Published by The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada; Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Softcover, 95 pages, English, 2002
ISBN 1 894212 00 2

Liz Magor

Texts by Lucy Hogg, Reid Shier and Nancy Tousley
Published by Art Gallery of York University, Toronto, Canada; Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Hardcover, 93 pages, English, 2000
ISBN 0 920751 77 6

Meeting Place: Robert Gober, Liz Magor, Juan Muñoz

Text by Gregory Salzman
Published by the Art Gallery of York University, Toronto, Canada
Softcover, 4 booklets, 60 pages, English, 1990
ISBN 0 921972 04 0

Liz Magor

Text by Philip Monk
Published by Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada
Softcover, 48 pages, English, 1986
ISBN 0 919777 37 6

Four Notable Bakers

Artist book, Toronto, Canada
Softcover, 37 pages, 1983
ISBN 0 9691562 1 9


Text by Lorna Farrell-Ward
Published by the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Softcover, 15 pages, English, 1980

Liz Magor

Text by Gregory Snider
Published by Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, Canada; UBC Fine Arts Gallery, Vancouver, Canada; Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, Canada
Softcover, 8 pages, English, 1979

Liz Magor: April 27–May 22, 1977

Published by Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, Canada
Softcover, 9 pages, English, 1977