Jerry Pethick – Publications

Jerry Pethick: Shooting the Sun/Splitting the Pie

Text by Kathleen S. Bartels, Grant Arnold, Monika Szewczyk, John Drury, Geoffrey Farmer, Siobhan McCracken Nixon
Published by Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Hardcover, 160 pages, English, 2015
ISBN 978 1 910433 43 0

Jerry Pethick: Works 1968–2003, From Collections on Hornby Island

Text by Geoffrey Farmer, Micheal Turner and Bill Jeffries
Published by Simon Fraser University Gallery, Burnaby, Canada
Softcover, 48 pages, English, 2011
ISBN 978 0 9868581 1 6

Jerry Pethick’s Time Top Project

Text by Scott Watson
Published by Concord Pacific Group Inc., Vancouver, Canada
Hardcover, 43 pages, English, 2007
ISBN 978 0 9783503 0 7

Straw Tower

Texts by James Patten and Barbara Fischer
Published by London Regional Art and Historical Museums, London, Canada
Softcover, 35 pages, English, 1999
ISBN 1 895800 64 1

The Further World

Text by Jerry Pethick
Published by Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Softcover, 25 pages, English, 1997
ISBN 0 9682476 0 1

Notion of Nothing

Texts by Barbara Fischer and Faux Terrain
Published by Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken, Saarbrücken, Germany
Softcover, 63 pages, English/German, 1994
ISBN 3 925303 93 6

Research and Reverie: A Study of the Gabriel Lippmann Cigarette Photo

Text by Jerry Pethick
Published by Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver, Canada
Softcover, 15 pages, English, 1994
ISBN 0 920293 34 4

Still Veils: Re-Visioning the Real

Text by Louise Dompierre
Published by the Power Plant Contemporary Art at Harbourfront, Toronto, Canada
Softcover, 40 pages, English, 1992
ISBN 0 921047 88 6

Le Dot: Transition in Progress

Text by Jerry Pethick
Published by Galerie BAMA, Paris, France; 49th Parallel, New York, USA
Softcover, 56 pages, English, 1986

Traces of Discovery, Seurat/Lippmann 1909 Air Show

Text by Jerry Pethick
Translation by Sophie Mayoux
Published by Vancouver Art Gallery
Softcover, 3 pages, English/French, 1984

On Holography and A Way to Make Holograms

Text by Jerry Pethick
Published by Belltower Enterprises in cooperation with the Umbra Foundation
Softcover, 25 pages, English, 1971