Janice Kerbel – Score, SEPTEMBER 12–OCTOBER 24, 2015

Janice Kerbel
September 12–October 24, 2015

Catriona Jeffries

Catriona Jeffries is pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition of Janice Kerbel’s Score, an expanded suite of silkscreen prints that considers ways of scoring music with the use of typographic convention alone. Emerging from DOUG, a performative work in the form of 9 songs for 6 voices, Score continues Kerbel's interest in the limits of the visual, while offering another way of shaping meaning through words, collapsing languages onto paper and collaging new formations.

Distant whistle from the sky
High and far the by and by
Sky is big, day is long
Shadow growing hear its song.

Eagle talons let it go
To crack on silent rock below
Gaining speed in plunge from height
Flesh to feed her young tonight.

Whine grows shrill and puddle dark
Has the sun misplaced her mark?
Look up to hear the weight of lead
Crack of tortoise on my head.

Janice Kerbel was born in Canada and lives and works in London, England. Janice has exhibited internationally since the late 1990s. Recent projects and solo exhibitions include DOUG, commissioned by The Common Guild; Kill the Workers, Chisenhale, London; Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsrhue; and Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff Centre for the Arts; Janice Kerbel, Arts Club of Chicago; See it Now, Art Now, Tate Britain; Remarkable, commissioned for Frieze Projects; and Nick Silver Can’t Sleep, commissioned by Artangel/BBC Radio3. Janice Kerbel has been nominated for The 2015 Turner Prize.

Documentation by SITE Photography.