Christina Mackie – The Judges III, JULY 2–SEPTEMBER 12, 2021

Christina Mackie
The Judges III
July 2–September 12, 2021

Hospitalfield, Angus, UK

The Judges lll (2013), a major work by artist Christina Mackie, is in the collection of Nottingham City Museums and Galleries. Hospitalfield will have this wonderful complex sculpture on loan and installed in the Picture Gallery, inserting itself in to the Victorian collections. This is the first time that this major art work has been exhibited outside of Nottingham.

The Judges III is a sculptural assemblage featuring materials ranging from biomedical data and geological field-research to watercolour techniques and artisanal sculptures.

The key image that informs the work is a set of massive brooding stone outcrops suggesting the character of judges. Through this work Mackie explores the concept of judgement and its role in all our lives. A powerful controlling force whether one is the judge or the judged.

The Judges III was conceived by Mackie based on research into the Nottingham Museums and Castle Museum collections; focusing on geology, colour, the concept of “collection”, the handmade, history and the 20th century interwar period paintings. The work was commissioned and acquired by Nottingham City Museums and Galleries after receiving the major Annual Award for Museums from the Contemporary Art Society in 2011.

Documentation by Studio RoRo.