Valérie Blass

Valérie Blass

To only ever say one thing
forever the same thing

21 November, 2015 – 9 January, 2016

For Valérie Blass, things are not what they seem. Bod­ies become clothes, become cos­tume, become prop, become pho­to­graph, become pro­jec­tion, become paint­ing, become shad­ow, become sculp­ture. Through mate­r­i­al and for­mal exper­i­ment, her pre­vi­ous work col­laged the fig­ure and abstract form, shapeshift­ing the weight of their respec­tive his­to­ries. In this new body of work she con­tin­ues to push this into a com­plex, inti­mate space between the pho­to­graph­ic image and sculp­ture.

Here, medi­ums adjust to each oth­er when they meet. Bod­ies deform to an object. A form is deter­mined by a pho­to­graph. The image has become paint on a sculp­ture. A sculpture’s sur­face is cov­ered in pho­to­graph­ic emul­sion and exposed. Back­ground and fore­ground change dimen­sion. In To only ever say one thing for­ev­er the same thing we become impli­cat­ed in the expe­ri­ence of look­ing, our bod­ies per­suad­ed to adjust to both the pho­to­graph and sculp­ture togeth­er. For Blass, the image is not enough.

Valérie Blass lives and works in Mon­tréal, QC and holds an MFA in visu­al and media arts from Uni­ver­sité du Québec. To only ever say one thing for­ev­er the same thing is her first exhi­bi­tion with the gallery. She has had recent solo exhi­bi­tions at Art­s­peak, Van­cou­ver; The Hole, New York and the Musée d’art con­tem­po­rain de Mon­tréal and group exhi­bi­tions in Los Ange­les, Toron­to, Mon­tre­al, New York, and Berlin. Her CV and images are avail­able here.