Gareth Moore / Jacob Gleeson:
St. George Marsh, Quitting Business: Everything Must Go Away

24 August–1 September 2006
Loading Bays At 274 East 1st Ave.

St. George Marsh began just over a year ago in June 2005, with­out pre­med­i­ta­tion, and formed from the pos­si­bil­i­ty of cre­at­ing some­thing out of a com­mer­cial space in a qui­et res­i­den­tial envi­ron­ment in Van­cou­ver. Its place­ment in a non­com­mer­cial sec­tor was impor­tant, with the poten­tial for peo­ple to come across it unex­pect­ed­ly. The pro­pri­etors Gareth Moore and Jacob Glee­son were inter­est­ed in inter­min­gling muse­o­log­i­cal odd­i­ties with ingestible goods and art, in the hope of con­fus­ing the roles of these objects. The store was in a con­tin­u­ous state of ref­or­ma­tion, growth and dis­per­sal, as items were gath­ered for dis­play, passed on and re-inter­pret­ed into oth­er for­ma­tions and com­bi­na­tions.

The name of St. George Marsh reflects the his­to­ry of the area, which was at one point a wet­land hold­ing a com­plex net­work of streams and rivers. Peo­ple used to pad­dle through, pick­ing swamp tea for evening inges­tion. If you walk south two blocks to the inter­sec­tion of St. George Street and 30th Avenue, and put your ear to the cul­vert, you can hear a long-divert­ed riv­er still churn­ing away.

St. George Marsh con­tained: · A video rental department/shelf pre­do­mi-
  nant­ly stocked with VHS tapes. · A can­dy bar with rock can­dy import­ed
  from Walton–on–the–Naze, Eng­land, along
  with gum that tastes like soap. · A gar­den cen­tre stocked with clip­pings of
  oth­er plants. · A book store and Library with books loaned
  out and rarely returned. · A gro­cery depart­ment where you could
  find three kinds of mus­tard. · A small gallery (Decoy gallery) which
  held a qui­et man­date of show­ing art
  made for typ­i­cal­ly pri­vate rea­sons, not for
  the pur­suance of any crit­i­cal, finan­cial
  or insti­tu­tion­al acclaim.

Canned Goods, Dry Goods, Books, Videos, Cas­sette Tapes, Oil Paint­ings, Plants, Can­dy, Clocks, Curios, Draw­ings, Toys, Chairs, Maps, Masks, Antiques, Signs, Dis­play Cab­i­nets, Nails, Can­dles, Muse­o­log­i­cal Dis­plays, Cash Box (with Float), Grab­bers, Mugs, Portable Marsh, Ice Skates, Bags, Helios Plan­e­tar­i­um, Suit­cas­es, Receipts, Lamps, Wood Sculp­tures, Rim Zim, Locks, Tins, Mead, Christ­mas Dec­o­ra­tions, Rope, Toi­letries, Organ­ic Lemon­ade, His­tor­i­cal Cane, Car­boy, Wine Skins, Office Sup­plies, Bea­con, Games, Minia­ture Marsh, Art­work by: Red Roney, Karen Birch, Fish­er, Jeff Chutte, and more; Climb­ing Gear, Tables, Keys, Bayrisch Malz Bon­bons, Mini Golf Course, Blinds, Alpine Gear, Musi­cal Instru­ments, Poet­ry, Stereo, Lamps, Pelts, Pho­tographs, Broom (with Dust­pan), Jaw Break­ers, Ban­dages, Glid­ers, Lucky Pen­nies, Sand­wich Boards, Wine Press, Pig­gy Banks, Ledgers, more…

For fur­ther infor­ma­tion or press enquires please con­tact Catri­ona Jef­fries or Anne Low at +1 604 736 1554.