Myfanwy MacLeod

Tell Her Nothing She Tells All

21 March – 2 May, 2015

Myfan­wy MacLeod (b. 1961, Lon­don, ON) lives and works in Van­cou­ver. She has a forth­com­ing exhi­bi­tion at the OR Gallery, Van­cou­ver in fall of this year. Her ret­ro­spec­tive Myfan­wy Macleod: Or There and Back Again was shown at Muse­um Lon­don (2013) and the Van­cou­ver Art Gallery (2014) and was accom­pa­nied by a mono­graph pub­lished by Black Dog (2014). Recent solo exhi­bi­tions include Dorothy, Pre­sen­ta­tion House Gallery Satel­lite, Van­cou­ver (2012); Gold, Catri­ona Jef­fries (2009); Where I Lived, and What I Lived For, Con­tem­po­rary Art Gallery, Van­cou­ver (2006). Her work has been includ­ed in numer­ous group exhi­bi­tions, includ­ing Whole Lot­ta Love, Pub­li­ca­tion Stu­dio Van­cou­ver (2014); 14: Cli­mate is Cul­ture, Roy­al Ontario Muse­um, ICC Space, Toron­to (2013); Oh Cana­da, Mass­Mo­CA, North Adams, MA (2012); Builders: Cana­di­an Bien­ni­al 2012, Nation­al Gallery of Cana­da (2012); Myfan­wy MacLeod, William Hog­a­rth: Mis­cre­ants and Repro­bates, Charles H Scott Gallery, Van­cou­ver (2011); CUE: Artists’ Videos, Van­cou­ver Art Gallery (2010); Nomads, Nation­al Gallery of Cana­da, Ottawa (2009); Keep the IS in FEMINISM, Con­tem­po­rary Art Gallery, Van­cou­ver (2008); Sto­ries, in Pieces, Justi­na M Bar­nicke Gallery, Toron­to (2008).