Janice Kerbel

Janice Kerbel


12 September – 24 October, 2015

Catri­ona Jef­fries is pleased to announce the forth­com­ing exhi­bi­tion of Jan­ice Kerbel’s Score, an expand­ed suite of silkscreen prints that con­sid­ers ways of scor­ing music with the use of typo­graph­ic con­ven­tion alone. Emerg­ing from DOUG, a per­for­ma­tive work in the form of 9 songs for 6 voic­es, Score con­tin­ues Kerbel’s inter­est in the lim­its of the visu­al, while offer­ing anoth­er way of shap­ing mean­ing through words, col­laps­ing lan­guages onto paper and col­lag­ing new for­ma­tions.

Dis­tant whis­tle from the sky
High and far the by and by
Sky is big, day is long
Shad­ow grow­ing hear its song.

Eagle talons let it go
To crack on silent rock below
Gain­ing speed in plunge from height
Flesh to feed her young tonight.

Whine grows shrill and pud­dle dark
Has the sun mis­placed her mark?
Look up to hear the weight of lead
Crack of tor­toise on my head.

Jan­ice Ker­bel was born in Cana­da and lives and works in Lon­don, Eng­land. Jan­ice has exhib­it­ed inter­na­tion­al­ly since the late 1990s. Recent projects and solo exhi­bi­tions include DOUG, com­mis­sioned by The Com­mon Guild; Kill the Work­ers, Chisen­hale, Lon­don; Badis­ch­er Kun­stvere­in, Karl­srhue; and Wal­ter Phillips Gallery, Banff Cen­tre for the Arts; Jan­ice Ker­bel, Arts Club of Chica­go; See it Now, Art Now, Tate Britain; Remark­able, com­mis­sioned for Frieze Projects; and Nick Sil­ver Can’t Sleep, com­mis­sioned by Artangel/BBC Radio3. Jan­ice Ker­bel has been nom­i­nat­ed for The 2015 Turn­er Prize.