Geoffrey Farmer

21 October-18 November 2006

Geoffrey Farmer

This instal­la­tion by Geof­frey Farmer revolved around a large-scale film set prop of a com­mer­cial jet inte­ri­or, which Farmer restored after find­ing in a barn in British Columbia’s Fras­er Val­ley. Through­out the run of the exhi­bi­tion, dur­ing non-gallery hours, Farmer devel­oped video works, sculp­ture and draw­ings out of and around the set, rehears­ing it both as sculp­tur­al object and con­cep­tu­al plat­form. Farmer’s explo­ration pro­duced results that changed from day-to-day and which the pub­lic were invit­ed to view dur­ing gallery hours.

The instal­la­tion incor­po­rat­ed actu­al and made-up parts of a 727 air­plane inte­ri­or and con­tin­ued Farmer’s use of found objects and his inter­est in the ambigu­ous life of props and sets. In 1963 the Boe­ing 727 was intro­duced as an Amer­i­can domes­tic short-haul air­craft and it quick­ly became the most pop­u­lar jet­lin­er of its time due to its abil­i­ty to take off on mid-size run­ways. The dis­tinct three engine plane was even­tu­al­ly sur­passed by the mechan­i­cal evo­lu­tion of the qui­eter twin engine 737. With high­er fuel costs, low­er sales due to the post-9/11 eco­nom­ic cli­mate, and the extra expense of main­tain­ing old­er planes, the major air­lines have decom­mis­sioned most of the 727s from their fleet although many are still used some 40 years lat­er.

The air­plane instal­la­tion might be seen to reverse or invert Farmer’s past work, Trail­er, which appears to be a stan­dard, thir­ty-foot film indus­try pro­duc­tion vehi­cle used com­mon­ly for trans­port­ing props and cos­tumes but upon clos­er look is revealed to be a ghost or fab­ri­cat­ed shell of this assumed func­tion. In Farmer’s exhi­bi­tion, he con­tin­ues to explore and exper­i­ment with these cin­e­mat­ic forms, look­ing at the found set as both a real object and an imag­i­nary space to work through the psy­cho­log­i­cal and soci­o­log­i­cal aspects that these high­ly reg­u­lat­ed envi­ro­ments evoke.

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