Myfanwy MacLeod – Publications

Myfanwy MacLeod, Or There and Back Again

Texts by Grant Arnold, Josée Drouin-Brisbois, Cassandra Getty, Joseph Monteyne, The Music Appreciation Society
Published by Vancouver Art Gallery; Black Dog Publishing, London, UK; Museum London, Ontario
Softcover, 127 pages, English, 2014
ISBN 978 1 908966 53 7

Where I Lived, and What I Lived For

Texts by Connie Butler, Francis McKee, Jenifer Papararo and Christina Ritchie
Published by Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
Softcover, 47 pages, English, 2006
ISBN 0 920751 93 8

Myfanwy MacLeod: A Brief Overview of Personology

Texts by Kathy Slade
Published by Charles H. Scott Gallery
Softcover, 47 pages, English, 2000
ISBN 0 921356 20 X

6 New Vancouver Modern

Texts by Scott Watson, Sharla Sava, and Reid Shier
Published by Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery
Softcover, 79 pages, English, 1997
ISBN 0 88865 602 5